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The 2023 Food AI Summit Sessions

You can see the complete sessions of the Food AI Summit below!

AI's Impact on Farming & Ag

Speakers: David Lee (Inevitable), Erica Bliss (Mineral), Michael Wolf (The Spoon)


Using AI to Accelerate Next-Gen Novel Ingredient Discovery

Speaker: Jasmin Hume, Shiru


Panel: AI & Novel Food Ingredient Discovery (NotCo and Climax Foods)

Speakers: Oliver Zahn (Climax Foods), Aadit Patel (NotCo), Sarah Sha (KitchenTown)


Panel: How AI is Changing Restaurants

Speakers: Andrew Simmons (Pizza Roboto), Matt Wampler (ClearCOGS), Brita Rosenheim (Vita Vera Ventures)


Case Study: Can AI Create The Next Great Flavor? (Pepsi & Foodpairing)

Speakers: Johan Langenbick (FoodPairing), Bernard Lahousse (FoodPairing), Max Petrie (Pepsi)


Using AI to Create the Perfectly Ripe Banana

Speakers: Katherine Sizov (Strella), Mark Mydland (Strella), Asch Harwood (ReFED)


Fair & Ethical Food Systems in the Age of AI

Speaker: Riana Lynn (Journey Foods)


Democratizing AI, Democratizing Food: National Cyberinfrastructure Initiatives Lowering Barriers to Food Systems

Speaker: Matthew Lange (IC-Foods)


Generative AI & Food Retail

Speaker: Omid Bakhshandeh (Verneek


Panel: Personalized Nutrition & Food as Medicine in Age of AI

Speakers: Noosheen Hashemi (January AI), Ari Tulla (Elo Health), Merril Gilbert (Curious Futures)


AI & Consumer Cooking & Meal Planning

Speakers: Kevin Brown (Innit), Kevin Yu (SideChef), Rene Midouin (ChefMan/ChefIQ)


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